The Botany of Being a Queer Woman

In May, a friend of mine whom I have admired for years gave me the opportunity to write for her online magazine, Crave Mag. She requested that it be on the topic of womanhood, feminism, the LGBT community and sexuality, or finding identity- I was flooded with ideas. In many ways, this article is an archipelago of all these things. They can very rarely be treated as separate entities in my view, and these specific intersections comprise huge parts of who I am and what I often explore in my writing. But this article was not necessarily designed to be autobiographical; I wrote in the most honest way possible of my experience as a bisexual girl, so that it may enlighten those outside of the community as to what being queer means. Centrally, though, this piece is intended to be an arm around any closeted individual who is afraid to open those doors and breathe in lungfuls of the clean air which coming out conjures.

I have often thought about writing something like this, and worried that it would emerge lacking or misshapen. The subject matter is very dear to me, but also to innumerable others, and I wanted to honour that. As it stands, I'm proud of how this article turned out, and it would mean a great deal to me if you read it.

Stay magicool xo

Artist Credit: the wonderful Natalia Minds. You can find her Instagram here

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